Time and date Lagos, Nigeria

Friday, July 9, 2010


First, have I mentioned I love the children??? :)

Last Saturday we took a road trip about 2 hrs away to a town called Badagry. There is a Slave relic museum there and this the town where almost all slaves in Africa were shipped out of. I learned so much about how slavery came about, how it was carried out, etc..... We walked visited the museum where the (what's the word for the person who runs the museum and tells the history? Can't remember.) told us stories and showed us old relics from the times of slaves. I got to try on the chains that they wore and was tied around my neck. It was next to impossible to walk.... Then, we rode in a boat-all 15 of us in 1 boat, kinda scary-across the lagoon to an island. We walked one mile on the island which the "walk to destination unknown." They call it that because it was the walk the slaves took to the ocean to get on a ship to who knows where. So, we walked to the ocean. The ocean was beautiful and the waves were high.

On Sunday we went to church. Some people went to the cathedral and the rest of us went to Lagos Island to a church our host, Gary, was preaching at. It was VERY Americanized, or Westernized. The people were wealthy, the women dressed to the 9's (not in traditional wear, but things you'd see in the US) and carried Coach purses. Some of the people from the mainland think these people have been influenced too much and sold out to Western ways. The service was just like if I had gone to a black church in Gainesville. The music was fantastic. They held a little reception for us after, then Gary wanted to take us to the mall and get KFC. KFC???? I don't even eat that at home!!!! I skipped and found an Americana coffee shop and got a brownie :) I also found a fabric shop and bought fabric for my dress, which by the way is finished and BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to wear it. We are wearing them to church this week, then when we arrive in Gainesville on the plane :) After lunch, they took us to a touristy souvenier market. I bought a few things and a pair of sandals for myself :)

I have to mention our helpers. We have 2 guys, George and Jide, that go everywhere with us and sometimes we take a member of the military. The government is fairly corrupt and they could find a way of detaining us or someone could try to scam us, so usually as soon as they see the military uniform, they back off. Very interesting to watch the body language. There are 2 of us runners. THEY WILL NOT LET US GO OUT AND RUN! We fought with them the first night and fnally we were allowed to run up and down our street, which kind of defeated the purpose. Last night, Jess got in another confrontation about it. I was not going because I have been blessed with a little traveler's sickness if you know what I mean :) They are all so protective of us. A few of us a going a little stir crazy. They want us to do everything together......Everyone knows how much I love to be around people day and night! NOT!!! We have razor wire and shards of glass all around the guest house, it sometimes feels like prison......

Well, it continues to be an amazing experience. Tonight we are hosting a little program for the children in the area and the children of the staff. Can't wait! Signing off......

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