Time and date Lagos, Nigeria

Monday, July 12, 2010


I think I mentioned before that this area of Nigeria is mostly Christian. We have seen some Muslim Mosques and Muslim dress, but mostly everyone is Christian. They are so faithful and trusting of God. Everything they do is for God and in his name. Church services last 3 hours most times. A few of us tried to go to a local Baptist Church down the road from our guest house yesterday, but we were given the wrong time. :( So we walked back. Funny thing is, there are at least 3-4 churches every 1-2 blocks, so we were able to sit outside and listen to a service. They sing, sing sing! and pray, pray, pray! Some of the rest of the group went to various methodists churches around town as arranged by the Archbishop in Lagos. He informed us the Sat night before the service that some people would be preaching. We all think that he thinks everyone is pastors. But, you don't say no to the Archbishop, so we have some new preachers in our group :) Another difference is that most churches have 3-4 offerings per service. If you are unable to give, you still go up to the front and "ceremoniously" give. But, most give everything they can even though they don't "have." Seems kind of backwards that we Americans have excess and cringe when we have to tithe, but throw the credit card down for the 42" TV. That has really touched us.

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