Time and date Lagos, Nigeria

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


I had to jump off the computer last night because the office wanted to go home.

Back to our guest house. We have a COOK! So, don't worry I'm not going hungry haha! We have had great American meals except, EVERYTHING tastes better here. Nothing is processed or picked early or genetically modified or sprayed with pesticides. Eggs are fresh, meat is fresh, fruits and veggies are fresh AND delicious. I have discovered a LOVE for Nigerian bananas! I can't even describe how good they are :) The people who take care of the guest house won't let us do anything for ourselves! They are actually HAPPY to serve us and say they are doing God's work. They drive us around for hours, clean up after eating, get us anything we want at the store, etc.....

That leads me to the PEOPLE!!!! I can't even begin to tell you the love and joy these people carry in their hearts. I had heard that Nigerians were deemed the happiest people on earth, boy was that true!!! When we walk to the seminary or drive around, they see us (let me tell you 18 white people stand out!) and scream hello or good afternoon with a huge smile on their face. They know we are here to help their people and are so grateful. They take nothing for granted. The children get SO excited to see us and yell, "Oyinbo!!!" which means "white man" but not in a derogatory way. I am coming home with 100 Nigerian children to keep :) They are the sweetest and the most loving. I have a new friend, Jane. She's 11 and looks much older and is absolutely BEAUTIFUL(these are by far the most beautiful children in the world). She made me a bracelet and earrings today. It made me feel so great!

I can't write about the conditions too much, it is better told by photos. But, it's everything you'd expect and worse. But, they go about their daily lives happy. They wash clothes outside and take baths outside. In the mornings we see all the families outside brushing teeth and washing out of a bucket of clean water. Most people have these water purifiers that are up on stilts. I need to take a photo. The women wear the most beautiful dresses-I am having one made for me as we speak by a tailor. I picked out my fabric and got measured. People pretty much urinate anywhere and there is a lot of garbage everywhere. Chickens, goats, skinny dogs roam the streets (which by the way are clay, there are very few paved roads-only the highways).

I have many more topics and will prob write for weeks after I return :) I have to go back to work now. I am working in the medical clinic and doing some physical therapy when the need arises. They said the word would spread and by the end of the week I will be super busy with musculoskeletal stuff. I will have to tell more about the clinic.

Til tomorrow I hope!

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  1. Oyinbo-dinder tell us about the worship services and all the different ways they do outreach, preaching, ministry, etc.