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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Send off

Yesterday, Wednesday, July 14th (by the way, they write the date as 14/07/2010-that's been confusing) we had an incredible send-off. Chapel is on Wednesdays. At Chapel they gave us gifts and talked about the impact the team made. They said they have become much closer to us than previous teams. It was very touching. I am coming home with several handmade gifts which are way more special than anything I could have bought. This is not a touristy area, by the way, so I am coming home with very few souvenirs.

After Chapel, they hosted a lunch for us with all kinds of Nigerian foods and drinks. There was an emcee and they thanked us again. I can't even express in words what it was like. Then, they brought out a huge cake for one of the team's birthdays. We also had another cake at dinner for 2 more birthdays that are tomorrow. It's been fun for me to see some of their decorated cakes. The first one was not sweet at all, but the second one was heaven! The icing was so sugary,it hit the spot!!!!!!
We had some sharing last night. The founder and the IT guy (both from Atlanta) expressed that they have bonded more with our group than others. That also makes one feel really special! We talked a lot about the things that (not physical) we will bring back with us in our hearts and minds and how we can change to become more like the Nigerians. I have so many plans for the next time I come.

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