Time and date Lagos, Nigeria

Monday, July 12, 2010


Saturday, we went to the National Museum. That was great! We learned alot about the history of Africa and the different Tribes and their culture. Then, we went to an "American" style restaurant at a hotel. A hamburger was like $8. Funny story, the waiter misunderstood my order. I had ordered a "Mixed green" salad because it was cheap and I didn't want to spend alot on lunch. Well, he heard "Mixed Grill" which all kinds of different grilled meat-THE MOST EXPENSIVE ITEM ON THE MENU!! Arghhhhh. I tried to tell him there was a mistake and he said, "OK" and walked off. I laughed and sucked it up and ate it. Then, we went to the beach. There were hoodlums there at the entrance charging a fee to get on the beach-a total scam, they had no authority. We didn't stay long because people were following us around hounding us to buy stuff or take their picture for money. I took some video of the police fighting :) Then, a small child tried to pick pocket one of our gang. WE LEFT! Then, we went to a coffee shop and had good coffee (YEAH!) and home made ice cream. The ice cream was a treat because people here don't eat sweets, so you can't get them! I was a happy camper!!!!!
We have seen the most incredible teeth here. In Gainesville, on a daily basis, I see patients with rotten teeth and poor hygiene. I have yet to see a rotten tooth even though they are poor and don't have flouridated water. They also have REALLY straight teeth without having had braces! So, stop feeding your children sweets HAHA!

Oh, btw, I can't upload pictures because the connection is too slow, so I will send a link to an album when I get back. Home in 5 days.....

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